I thoroughly enjoy the process of developing an idea from just a thought to something tangible where others can participate in its development and execution.  

I also think the creative process is a little mysterious.  It’s exciting, frustrating, delightful, various degrees of depressing, and there’s no clear cut path on your way to discovering something that’s never been done before.  It’s messy.  But it’s worth it.  Creating something out of nothing.  

As a creative, I tend to be uber critical of my work and insecure with it at times.  I figured it’s time to blow that up.  

Below are some treatments I’ve put together for some projects (spec, passion projects, etc) that show some of my creative process.  I’m not a writer or a designer, I know there’s more than a handful of flaws with these, but the overall goal was to help connect someone to an idea.  To tell a story. 

Feel free to look around.  If you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at davidjdicicco@gmail.com.